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Beats Music Launches iPad App Optimized for Bigger Screens

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It’s been a little over 100 days since Beats Music hit the ground running with its on-demand music streaming service, and today iPad owners are finally getting a version of the app designed specifically for tablet-sized screens. Beats Music 2.0 hit Apple’s App Store earlier today, offering landscape mode, the ability to find your Twitter friends and more.

The biggest change is a redesigned UI specifically meant to take advantage of the iPad’s bigger screen. Photos are larger in portrait mode, and in landscape mode you’ll see even more options laid out when you scroll through the app’s “Just For You” home screen. Beats Music 2.0 for iOS also adds the ability to manage your account, set in-app subscriptions through your iTunes account, and track down and follow your Twitter friends who use the music streaming service.

If you’re still using Beats Music on an iPhone you shouldn’t notice any major changes, and the company says all of its original features are still intact. For iPad owners, though, today’s update should make using the app way more enjoyable. There’s still no word on whether Beats will bring landscape support to Android tablets, though hopefully it won’t be long before the updated app makes it way over to Google Play as well.

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