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Yahoo Screen Lands on Android

yahoo screen Android Launch

Yahoo Screen, the company’s video streaming service, is now available on Android as a free download. Yahoo already offers an iOS version of the service, and today’s release just happens to line up with Hulu’s announcement that it will offer free mobile viewing for select TV shows this summer.

Yahoo’s video service puts the focus more on clips instead of full episodes, offering a mix of comedy, sports, music and some original programming. Yahoo Screen also offers a huge backlog of Saturday Night Live sketches along with content from sites like The Onion and College Humor. It’s totally free, though that means you’ll have to slog through ads before getting to your actual video.

Yahoo Screen is a decent service, especially if you’re looking to watch old SNL clips, but it may just be the start of Yahoo’s video streaming plans. Recent reports suggest the company is preparing to take on YouTube and even poach some of Google’s most popular video creators with the offer of more money that they’re currently making.

Taking on the likes of YouTube and Hulu won’t be easy, but Yahoo seems determined to carve out a slice of the video streaming market for itself. It should be interesting to see how those plans play out.

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