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Official Reddit Mobile App In the Works

by Jacob Kleinman | April 30, 2014April 30, 2014 9:30 am PST


It looks like Reddit may finally get its own official mobile app, based on a job listing shared by the site’s administrators. The post notes that Reddit is hiring a mobile engineer with Android and iOS experience to work at its San Francisco office, suggesting the popular website could finally get an official smartphone and tablet equivalent.

Since its initial launch in 2005, and through an explosion of popularity in recent years, Reddit has always focused entirely on its website. Third-party developers, however, have stepped in to offer their own apps for Android and iOS. For the most part these apps work just fine, though they aren’t officially backed by Reddit. You can use an app to log in, comment and vote on new content, but and its third-party apps still can’t communicate when it comes to recognizing which links you’ve already clicked on.

Reddit’s new job posting suggests the company could start by simply helping bridge the link between its own site and those third-party apps. “Our team will also works closely with our amazing third-party developers to help them build successful apps to allow more people use Reddit the way they want to use it,” the listing reads. But with a team of mobile developers on board it seems likely an official app could also be in the works. “The world is going mobile, and so is Reddit,” the company writes. That last bit basically confirms an app is coming.

We’re looking forward to seeing a more unified Reddit experience across all our devices. It’s a small improvement for what’s already a great platform, but one that the site’s most avid users will definitely appreciate.


Jacob Kleinman

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