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LG G3 Press Conference Set for May 27

by Todd Haselton | April 30, 2014April 30, 2014 7:00 am PST


Yesterday we learned that the LG G3 is scheduled to launch during the second quarter of this year and, today, LG officially sent out invites for a press event that will be held in several cities around the world. The event kicks off on May 27 in New York and San Francisco in the United States, though LG is also holding events at the same time around the globe. The scale of the event says one thing: this is the unveiling of LG’s flagship G3 smartphone.

LG has already confirmed the existence of the G3, so it’s hardly a secret at this point. Also, several leaks have already revealed details on what we can expect, including a rumored 2560 x 1440-pixel QHD display, the sharpest on any smartphone on the market. Also, LG is likely keeping the rear volume/power buttons, though recent leaked photos suggest they’re tweaked slightly from what we saw on the LG G2. Finally, we’re expecting LG to launch the device in several colors, including gold. The invite also suggests some sort of brushed dark gunmetal color.

We don’t yet know the actual release date of the G3, but LG said it’s going to launch during the second quarter of this year, which means it should hit the market before the end of June. LG could always take HTC’s path, too, and make the device available immediately after the announcement.

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