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Japan’s Gaming Hardware Sales Fall to a Five Year Low

by Ron Duwell | April 30, 2014April 30, 2014 1:00 am PST

Animal Crossing - 33

Still think that mobile gaming isn’t overtaking Japan more and more everyday? Japan’s chart tracker Media Create, via Siliconera, has indicated that this week, April 14th – 20th, saw the lowest number of console and handheld sales in five years.

Keep in mind that this is just two months after the PlayStation 4 launched in its home country, meaning that everyone and their mother should be scrambling to get one, right?

Wrong! Both Nintendo and PlayStation sales have capped off with really low numbers, but Media Creates blames it on a “monthly recommended software campaign” from Nintendo. The new deal allows Japanese gamers to pick up a free game whenever they buy a Nintendo 3DS. The free games change on a monthly basis, meaning that if the player already owns the game or isn’t interested, all they have to do is wait until the following month and see if something they do want pops up.

Yo-kai Watch and Animal Crossing: New Leaf are the first two games available in the deal, so once again, we can blame all the world’s problems on Animal Crossing. Tell your girlfriends to stop playing it! It’s a pox!

Editor’s Note: Hey, man! WATCH IT. -Joey

Media Creates also blames the lack of new and intriguing software for the drop in sales. Japan just isn’t putting out the games it needs to sell consoles, and not a single release broke 50,000 units last week. This is what happens when you have a new console with nothing to buy for it. Did the Wii U teach Sony nothing?

Both are solid reasons in the short term view, but I’m still calling out Japanese developers for a much larger and lasting problem. Cashing in on lazy mobile games is only speeding up the destruction of the traditional video game market. If all of the giants, like Konami and Capcom, keep putting their efforts into cheap apps they have the nerve to call “games,” then the damage done to the traditional market just might fall beyond repair if it’s not already there.

You have a brand new console with the latest and greatest technology in the world just begging for a little attention! Why aren’t you doing anything with it?


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