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Hulu Launching Free Mobile Viewing and In-App Pizza Delivery this Year

by Jacob Kleinman | April 30, 2014April 30, 2014 7:00 pm PST


We love catching up on TV with Hulu, but unless you’re willing to pay for Hulu Plus the only way to use the service is from a desktop browser. That will finally change this summer when the company introduces free ad-supported TV episodes on your mobile device. Hulu announced the news today at a media event in NYC, also revealing plans for a new Hulu Plus iPhone app, in-app pizza delivery and more.

In an attempt to bring in even more viewers, Hulu will offer a “selection of ad-supported full TV episodes on mobile devices for free” this summer. We assume this means you’ll have access to some content but not everything offered with Hulu Plus. The company may also use this as an opportunity to push its own content. Hulu said it plans to triple the marketing budget for its original shows.

Hulu also had some interesting news to share that may be particularly exciting for pizza fans. The company is introducing a new “In-Stream Purchase Unit” later this year with Pizza Hut as its first official launch partner. That means you’ll be able to order a pizza for delivery without ever leaving Hulu’s app. Hulu notes this could also allow “advertisers to target the right demographic, at the right time.”


Whether you’re a pizza fan or just love watching TV, Hulu’s plans for the rest of 2014 should put a smile on your face. Unfortunately the company doesn’t seem interested in cutting the ads from its subscription-based Hulu Plus service anytime soon, but we’ll settle with pizza delivery for now.


Jacob Kleinman

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