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Office for iPad Gets Printing Support With First Update

It’s been just over a month since Microsoft released versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for the iPad, and today the company is finally updating each app with the ability to print documents straight from your tablet. The update also adds SmartGuides for PowerPoint and AutoFit for Excel.

The big news is the ability to print, which was a huge drawback in an otherwise pretty impressive launch last month for the suite of iPad productivity apps. The new feature will only work with AirPrint printers, though that’s likely due to Apple’s own software restrictions. Once you’ve downloaded the update you will be able to print entire Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides.

For avid PowerPoint users, SmartGuides will make it easier to line up images, shapes and text while you design individual slides. Meanwhile, AutoFit makes it simple to adjust the width or height of multiple columns and rows with just a few taps. With these new features Microsoft says it should be easier than ever to make beautiful slideshows and spreadsheets.

Today’s updates all come directly from user feedback, and Microsoft notes that it’s looking forward to getting more requests for more features in the future. If you think there’s still something missing from Office for iPad let Redmond know and hopefully it will show up in the next big update.


Jacob Kleinman

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