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Newest Godzilla Trailer Features Godzilla vs. Monster Battle

by Brandon Russell | April 29, 2014April 29, 2014 8:00 pm PST

A new Godzilla trailer for Asian markets has been unleashed, and it gloriously shows off more of the movie’s many monsters. We also, of course, get some good glimpses at Godzilla, too, but this trailer, more than any other, helps frame the plot of Hollywood’s latest reboot. It sure seems like whatever it was the government was guarding has been let loose, prompting an all out monster war.

The early trailers suggested Godzilla would be the one threatening mankind’s very extinction, but the trailer today paints a completely different picture. He’s our ally, it turns out, an unlikely savior in our fight for survival. At the 0:38 second mark, when Ichiro Serizawa (played by Ken Watanabe) is asked whether or not that flying monster can be killed, he responds by saying he knows what can help. Presumably he means Godzilla.

That man-versus-nature theme again pops up, and will obviously be the thread that ties the entire movie together. An allegory for our destruction of Earth, and how mother nature is capable of wreaking much more havoc than we can control. Godzilla is set to hit theaters in just a few weeks, on May 16, and the release can’t come soon enough.


Brandon Russell

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