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New Dragon Quest Game Now in Development

by Ron Duwell | April 29, 2014April 29, 2014 1:00 am PST

Dragon Quest II

The world continues to rotate, and Square Enix continues to make Dragon Quest games. Longtime series creator Yuji Horii has confirmed that he is working on a new project at the Niconico Chokaigi event in Chiba, Japan over this past weekend.

During the on stage presentation, Horii’s colleagues, Dragon Quest X producer Yosuke Saito and chief planner Anzai Takasi, seemed surprised at his announcement, meaning the reveal was obviously not planned and Horii had said something that maybe he wasn’t supposed to say.

Beyond the nod towards its existence, he came up short of announcing the platform or whether or not it would be Dragon Quest XI or another spin-off game. Horii has spoken out against smartphones and tablets as a gaming platform in the past, and given that he is one of the most senior employees at Square Enix, he is bound to have his way. You can rest assured that the next Dragon Quest will be released on the massively successful Nintendo 3DS, which has yet to feature its own original game in the series.

It’s a very strange phenomenon given the series’ track record of following the most popular platforms in Japan.

However, just because there is no original game on the platform doesn’t mean Square Enix has totally ignored its success. Remakes of both Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest Monsters 2 have proven successful in Japan, and at least one of them has a decent shot of being localized in the West. Both would be nice, though.

Should they be localized and released, fans should do everything they can to spread the word and make sure they are a success. We need to let Square Enix know its oldest franchise has a home and a fanbase beyond the borders of Japan. If that happens, they might just end up bringing Dragon Quest XI over.

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