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LG G Watch Reportedly Launching in June for 199 Euros

LG’s G Watch may not be the most exciting Android Wear device in development—that honor goes to the Moto 360—but if you’re hoping to try out Google’s new wearables operating system without spending too much money, LG may be your best bet. The G Watch is expected to be the cheaper device of the pair, and according to a new report the upcoming smartwatch will cost €199 when it launches in Europe this June.

The news comes from French site Les Numeriques, which claims to have confirmation from LG France. There’s still no word on when the G Watch will receive a global release, though we’d be surprised to see the device arrive any later than June here in the U.S. if these rumors hold true. As for the price, €199 comes out to approximately $276—not very cheap for a low-cost smartwatch—though hopefully the final price will be closer to $199 when it arrives in the states.

LG’s already revealed quite a few details surrounding the upcoming G Watch, including its water-resistant coating and an always-on display. The upcoming smartwatch will come in “Stealth Black” or “Champagne Gold” and feature what looks like a plastic design. However, we’re still waiting to learn some key hardware specifications including screen size and battery life.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the G Watch, though hopefully we’ll get the full story on LG’s new smartwatch in the near future. If the latest rumors prove true it may not be long before we’re trying out Android Wear for ourselves, and we can barely wait to put Google’s new operating system to the test.

Les Numeriques

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