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Firefox Gets Major Redesign with Customization Options

by Brandon Russell | April 29, 2014April 29, 2014 10:00 pm PST

Mozilla’s big new Firefox redesign, which has been in beta since March, is now officially available for everyone. The most obvious change is that it looks much different compared to the previous version, with cleaner visuals, big new features and some extensive customization options to make for a more personal experience. Mozilla says the update makes the browser faster, too, and is overall simpler to use.

Exactly as we detailed when the beta hit last month, Firefox (version 29) adds features such as drag-and-drop customization, a quick-access menu for add-ons, and the ability to easily sync passwords, bookmarks and tabs between your desktop and mobile device with a Firefox account.

“We re-imagined and redesigned Firefox to reflect how you use the Web today,” Mozilla said of the update.

Here is a full list of new features included in the new Firefox:

  • Elegant New Design: Sleek new tabs and an overall modern look that makes it easier to experience the Web the way you want.
  • Customization Mode: Makes it easy for you to personalize your Web experience to access the features you use the most. You can easily drag and drop your favorite feature, tool or add-on in the menu or toolbar.
  • Firefox Menu: Includes popular browser controls, features and add-ons in one place to make it easier and faster to access them. The menu is completely customizable so you can edit or add features you use most.
  • Fun and Simple Bookmarks: You can create bookmarks with a single click and manage them from the same place.
  • Easy Access to Add-ons Manager: Firefox includes an Add-ons Manager you can access directly from the menu to help easily discover and install add-ons.
  • Enhanced Firefox Sync Powered by Firefox Accounts: Just create a Firefox Account and our sync feature makes it even easier to setup and add multiple devices with end-to-end encryption. Firefox Sync gives you access to Awesome Bar history, saved passwords, bookmarks, open tabs and form data across your computers and mobile Android devices.

It all looks a lot more Chrome-y, which isn’t such a bad thing. You can download the update for Windows, Mac and Linux now.


Brandon Russell

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