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Twitter Now Tells You When Your Tweets Are Popular

Twitter engagement notification

Twitter just pushed out a significant redesign to its profile pages, but it looks like the company is already experimenting with another new feature. Over the weekend Twitter introduced “significant engagement” notifications, which lets you know when a tweet does particularly well. For now, this feature is limited to verified users on iOS and the Android beta app, a company representative told The Next Web.

The new feature displays a notification whenever a tweet you post gets more retweets or favorites than usual. The company previously tested a similar feature in the form of AchievementBird, a Twitter experiment that communicates by direct message. Significant engagement notifications should turn on automatically for verified users, though you can switch it off in settings if you want.

Twitter is clearly interested in creating a sort of feedback loop that rewards you for sharing more tweets and keeps you coming back to the site as frequently as possible. Hopefully we’ll see this feature introduced into the official version of Twitter, though like with any experiment there’s no guarantee it will get final approval. If you’re desperate for more feedback from Twitter you can always follow @AchievementBird while you wait for the official roll-out.


Jacob Kleinman

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