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This Hilarious Ad Ruthlessly Mocks Google Glass Wearers

by Brandon Russell | April 28, 2014April 28, 2014 2:00 pm PST

Glass’ standing in the public eye isn’t at its most favorable. It’s fast become a political symbol of division between separate classes, and a privacy nightmare for those who don’t understand it. Worse, the people that have so far “explored” what it’s like to wear a face computer have turned out to be poor ambassadors for the product—even Google was embarrassed by recent events. The search giant, however, is still trying to push the $1,500 unfinished product to as many consumers as possible. But it might not get that far with such ruthless outside mockery.

In a new ad put out by First Bank, we’re introduce to a family where a dad shouts nonsense and a little kid wildly flails his arms for no good reason. That sounds like a typical family dinner, but when you place Glass—or a wannabe Glass—on each individual, you can see how utterly ridiculous the technology looks. The mom, blankly staring cross-eyed into the distance, attempts to spoon peas onto dinner plates around the table, but fails miserably. The daughter, meanwhile, is yelling Internet buzzwords, trying to post a picture to a social network.

When you put technology on your head, you’re suddenly encased in your own isolated bubble of technology, an island where you lack self-awareness—not somehow more connected to humans around you, as Google claims. If a bank—not even a direct competitor to your product—begins mocking you, you know perception of Glass isn’t good. Until Google can prove Glass is worthwhile, the technology will continue to suffer as the butt of jokes. Unless you really do invite our future to be dominated by the scene provided by First Bank.

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