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Mass Effect Trilogy for PS4 and Xbox One Listed by Chilean Retailer

by Ron Duwell | April 28, 2014April 28, 2014 3:30 pm PST

Mass Effect 2 (22)

Next-gen ports are in full swing, and the next huge titles to get re-released seem to be the Mass Effect series. Chilean retailer Zmart Games has the popular franchise listed for a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release, similar in fashion to how Tomb Raider and The Last of Us were leaked earlier this year.

BioWare has yet to comment on the listing or confirm anything regarding the next-gen release of Mass Effect, but judging by the trends in gaming, the re-release seems almost inevitable. You really have to wonder if this lingering in the past is affecting the ability of these new consoles to appear new and different from their predecessors.

I would be aboard to play all over again. It was my favorite new franchise, and it was the series which convinced me to make the leap into the new generation. However, while my unplayed PlayStation 3 copy of the Mass Effect Trilogy re-release continues to stare at me, I most likely won’t be dropping money on the franchise any time soon.

That being said, what are some games that should follow in these series’ footsteps? What are some franchises that need an overhaul on modern technology? I can’t think of too many others I’m dying to jump back into since they were already gorgeous enough on the old technology. I’m still holding out for some killer PlayStation 2 games that could use the make over far more like Final Fantasy XII, Suikoden III and V, and the Onimusha games.


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