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Facebook Messenger Update Makes Chat More Visual

Facebook rolled out an update for its Messenger app today, introducing a slew of new features and improvements that put an emphasis on visual communication. Facebook Messenger 5.0 tweaks the app’s UI slightly to add video sharing, quicker photo sharing, and sticker shortcuts.

The biggest change to Messenger may be the introduction of instant selfies, another shot in the war against Snapchat. From inside an individual conversation you can tap the camera icon to turn half the screen into a front-facing viewfinder. From there it just takes one tap to snap and send a photo. That should feel lightning fast compared to the competition.

The addition of video sharing is another compelling update, though you’ll have to record your video from the phone’s camera app and then select the footage from inside Messenger. Chat stickers have also been improved. If someone sends you a sticker you can now tap and hold your finger on it to quickly download the entire pack.

The new Messenger may not offer the self-deleting photos and video that makes Snapchat so popular but, by offering an even easier way to share, Facebook may be able to convince more people to pick its app over the competition. You can grab the update for iOS now via the App Store link below, while the Android equivalent is expected to arrive later this week.

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Jacob Kleinman

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