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Guess the Phone: This Is the Android Device I Can’t Help But Love

by Brandon Russell | April 26, 2014April 26, 2014 12:00 pm PST

This phone is, aside from the Moto X, my favorite Android phone currently available. Or, kind of available. You can’t purchase it anymore, though it’s not significantly old like some of the other devices on Guess the Phone. This is the second to most recent device in a famous lineup, which saw its latest flagship launch late last year. Even despite its age, I still enjoy the experience immensely—don’t misconstrue that as a knock on today’s big superphones.

It’s a combination of factors, chief among them the hardware (the size, feel, weight, etc.) It gives me that feeling of, Oh, this is perfect. The phone, for me, doesn’t need any fancy bells or whistles. That’s not what I look for as a fan of smartphones. I want there to be that deeper emotional response, a connection you only get with a small percentage of devices. You might get that with another phone, which is absolutely fine.

I’m not trying to convince anyone here that Exhibit A is better than Exhibit B. That’s not the point. We often get caught up in specs, manipulated by the promise of bigger and better. But there’s something to be said about going back to a phone, even when it’s not the newest available. Which phone is that for you? A Galaxy S3? iPhone 4? Razr?

Last week’s Guess the Phone was the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell likes to rollerblade while listening to ACDC.