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Entire Country of Denmark Recreated In Minecraft

by Brandon Russell | April 26, 2014April 26, 2014 11:00 am PST

Denmark, a northern european country most known for medieval churches and LEGO, has been entirely recreated in Minecraft. Don’t just rely on travel guides and Google Maps. In its virtual block form, you can visit a 1:1 ratio version of the happy nation, where you can freely move around, build, and otherwise enjoy the sights and sounds Denmark has to offer. The ambitious project was triumphantly accomplished by the Danish Geodata Agency.

The project is part of the agency’s Grunddataprogram, which invites the public to take a free and unrestricted look at the country’s infrastructure and topographical data. Anyone that currently calls Denmark home can, essentially, go into the recreated country and find their home or favorite place to hang out. Maybe you’ve always wanted to add on to your house? Now you’re only limited by your imagination.

Minecraft players have recreated real-world locations before, but this is certainly the largest undertaking we’ve seen yet. The recreation actually has an educational element involved, too, with the agency hoping to educate the public about urban planning and environmental policy. Games can be used for scholastic purposes after all. While players will be able to build as they normally would, dynamite has actually been taken out of this version.

Minecraft has sold over over 35 million copies across all platforms since being released in 2009, an unprecedented landmark for gaming; editions for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita are set to hit later this year. If you haven’t experienced the world of Minecraft yet, what are you waiting for? How long until someone recreates a larger country? Or the entire Earth? Maybe that can be your thesis in graduate school.

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