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Mad Max is Delayed to 2015, Gets Car Customization Trailer

Avalanche Studios unveiled a teaser at last year’s E3 for an upcoming Mad Max game. They’ve been keeping further details locked down since then, but with E3 coming up, they’re ready to tell us more.

As Mad Max fans have assumed, cars will play a big role in the game. More specifically, though, car customization will play a role. You’re not going to be rolling around in Max’s iconic Interceptor with all the accessories bolted on for you. The Max-mobile is stolen from you pretty early into the game, and you have to build up a new car from scratch.

A press release from Avalanche and WB Games details some of the deadly options road warriors will have when the game hits – now sometime in 2015, rather than this year as had been previously suggested. Along with more standard customization options like on and off-road tires, new engines, and transmissions come some more fun stuff:

  • “A pair of shredder rims on the players wheels will improve grinding damage.”
  • “Wasteland marauders will sometimes throw themselves through the air and board [your] car. Some well placed protective spikes will keep them off.”
  • “The harpoon is the most versatile tool. Players can use it to pull off tires, doors, and to pull out drivers. If properly upgraded, gamers can even rip away armor plates or pull down watch towers and massive gates.”

The trailer also features presumably in-engine graphics showing off some impressive car destruction. Constant repair, customization, and a general automotive focus could be a cool wrinkle that sets Mad Max’s open world apart from so many other games. Of all the open world games we know are coming, this one might be even higher up my list than Watch_Dogs.

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