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Just Cause 3 Domain Spotted and Registered to Square Enix

by Ron Duwell | April 25, 2014April 25, 2014 3:30 pm PST

Just Cause 2 (6)

Oh man, a month and a half until E3 and there is already a ton of possible surprise announcements that are being spoiled left and right. Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Beyond Good & Evil 2. What is going on with Ubisoft and its leaky PR teams?

Joining these games’ ranks is not an Ubisoft title, but rather a game from Square Enix. Just Cause 3‘s domain name has been registered as, and it has been tied to the major Japanese publisher. Rumors have existed for quite some time that developer Avalanche Studios had been working on the title alongside its Mad Max game, but every time it sprouts its head, it is just as quickly forgotten.

Just Cause 3 is bound to happen eventually. Square Enix has frequently praised the title’s performance, especially after the multiplayer mod gained widespread acclaim and official Steam support. Seeing such a relatively dated single player game being supported and purchased after all this time is almost unheard of nowadays. Hopefully, Square Enix and Avalanche Studios can avoid the temptation to take themselves too seriously with the product and strip the game of the B-grade fun that made it so wonderful.

I’m psyched for the possibility of Just Cause 3. Just Cause 2 was one of my favorite games of the previous generation, and I would be thrilled to plunge a small island nation into chaos one town at a time, just as I did before.

Keep your eyes peeled for more on this exciting sequel as we get closer to E3.

Ron Duwell

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