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Humble Weekly Bundle TSG is the Best Bundle in Quite a While

Cave Story 3D

I’ve been leaning away from writing about the Humble Bundle these days, mostly because I end up convincing myself to buy games I don’t really want or need. This week however is not only the best Humble Bundle in quite some time, but I can also sit back safely knowing that I already own most of them.

In preparation for the TGS Indie Marathon Countdown, the Humble Bundle has made available a handful of games that the team will be playing during its 75 hour indie game livestream.

Where to begin? I hope you like your 2D platformers, because there are certainly a lot of those. The bare rewards for this Humble Bundle are the geometric platformer Thomas Was Alone, the original indie gaming masterpiece Cave Story+, the gravity defying VVVVV, the trance-inducing janitorial platformer Dust Force, and the only game in the bundle I do not own, Wadjet’s colorful adventure game Puzzle Bots.

Paying more than $6 will land you five more great games. Great 2D platformers like LIMBO, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Element 4l, and Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut all make an appearance, and also included is the hilarious high-speed RPG Cthulu Saves the World and 2D strategy game Reus.

$10 nabs you a copy of another 2D platformer called Teslagrad, a game I have not yet played but heard great things about. $40 nabs you a keychain and T-shirt for the Indie Marathon Countdown, and $100 will get you a swag bag full of goodies.

As always, you can split up the earning between the Humble Bundle, the developers, and charity as you see fit. This deal provides some of the best indie games of the last 10 years for such a measly price. If you have any interest in indie gaming, this is the best deal to sink your teeth into. The basic rewards are all fine, but I would recommend the $6 tier at least to get the most out of it.

Humble Bundle

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