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Evolve Interactive Trailer Has an Hour of Footage From Six Points of View

2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios’ upcoming first-person shooter, Evolve, is promising to reinvent how we look at four-player co-op just like the developers did with Left 4 Dead. As one of four alien hunters, you are tasked to work together with a crew of roughnecks in taking down an alien beast that grows larger and larger as the match continues.

If the alien seems a little too smart, then its because it is also controlled by a human player. There are no AI to cheat or patterns to memorize in this action game.

How exactly do the four characters aid one another in battle though? 2K Games and Turtle Rock have released a new interactive trailer showing off the unique skills and abilities each of these four unique characters bring to the table. Griffin is a trapper, Markov is the heavy assault, Hank supports the team with weapon boosts and defenses, and Val acts as team’s medic. Clicking the buttons along the bottom of the window will allow you to easily switch between the characters so you can how each can affect the swing of battle.

Two other points of view allow you to see the battle from the alien’s point of view as well as an unmanned sixth point of view from afar. Commentary is also available with the sixth option.

Joey went hands-on with Evolve at PAX East a few weekends ago. You can read his write-up here.

Evolve looks like a great co-op game from a group of experienced designers in the genre. It will be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC this coming fall.

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