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Microsoft Surface Mini Case Hits Amazon

by Todd Haselton | April 24, 2014April 24, 2014 2:00 pm PST

The problem with leaked cases is that sometimes they mean nothing at all, and are instead products designed just in case a new tablet or smartphone hits the market. Sometimes, however, case makers get a jump on the game with correct specs, especially if an OEM wants to make sure accessories are readily available when a new device hits the market. Recently, a company called VSTN posted a case for the Microsoft Surface Mini on Amazon.

Wait a sec!┬áThere’s no such thing as the Microsoft Surface Mini.

Does this mean that Microsoft is gearing up to release its smaller Surface tablet, and so is releasing specs to case-makers ahead of its launch? It seems plausible at the least, though it’s also not definite. The tablet pictured in the images look almost identical to Lenovo’s ThinkPad 8, which offers a full version of Windows in a smaller 8-inch form factor.

It’s possible this case really is for a smaller Surface tablet, and a rumor from earlier this month suggested the Surface Mini is set to launch later this year. When exactly? The listing for this case says it ships on May 18 – that could be a hint toward an official announcement from Microsoft, or it could mean that VSTN is ready to start shipping cases for a fictional product.

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