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New Destiny Trailer – Which Class of Guardian Are You?

Despite my general attitude towards the state of AAA gaming, there are a small showing of games out there that I am excited for. One of these mega-titles is Destiny, Bungie’s first original work since creating the Halo series.

Granted, not a lot of guys at Bungie are the same personnel from the Marathon and early Halo days, but the company really seems to have a hit on its hands here. Great style, great action, and a real sense of bringing a some classic RPG elements into the first-person fold, including a class system.

The newest trailer shows off the varying powers of the three different character builds: the Titans, the Hunters, and the Warlocks.

Titans are tasked with defending the Wall from invading hordes and act as foot soldiers with a heavy reliance on firepower and melee weapons. Hunters search the land as roguish mercenaries and bring their powers of stealth, teleporting, and weapon buffs to the fight. Warlocks belong to an ancient society of arcane magic users and focus more on energy attacks in the thick of battle.

Tough call really, but when playing Skyrim or other fantasy style RPGs, I tend to lean towards being a stealthy thief and archer, so maybe the Hunter will be best for me.

Best thing about Destiny also is that I luckily don’t have to update my console to play along. It will be available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on Sept. 9.

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