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Gorgeous Resident Evil 2 Reborn HD Made By a Fan

by Ron Duwell | April 24, 2014April 24, 2014 8:30 pm PST

Ever wonder why Capcom stopped making the games its fans wanted? Well, aside from the allure of cheap and profitable mobile games, it’s because the fans simply started making them themselves! Think of all the great fan-made Mega Man games that have dropped up over the years, Street Fighter X Mega Man and Mega Man Unlimited being the most popular of the bunch.

How can the fans one-up Capcom again, you wonder? An HD remake of Resident Evil 2? You got it! While Capcom preps for possibly announcing Resident Evil 7 at E3 this year, it can rest assured that the fans are making the game everybody wants by creating the solid looking Resident Evil 2 Reborn HD.

The video shows a game hardly perfect by any means, but this recreation of Clair Redfield’s journey through the Raccoon City Police Department isn’t without a touch of authenticity. The Italian developer of the project, Rod Lima, borrows character models and environments from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and retools them for play in a Resident Evil 4 style manner. The result is a fabulous and fresh look at a classic that I would much rather play than Resident Evil 7 at this point.

Rod Lima says that he is creating the game for learning purposes only, and even though it’s not a wholly original project, he’s prepping it for an alpha release. The bigger issue at hand is if a single guy can create something like this in his free time and get this much praise for it, why isn’t a multi-million dollar corporation doing the same thing?

It just must make too much sense, I guess.

Ron Duwell

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