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Future OS X Names Revealed in Trademark Filings Linked to Apple

by Jacob Kleinman | April 24, 2014April 24, 2014 1:00 pm PST

WWDC 2013 - Mac - OS X - Mavericks - 010

With Apple regularly promising new products and devices for later this year it’s easy to forget that a big new OS X update is expected to arrive this fall as well. Cupertino’s been pretty quiet on this front despite a number of rumors surrounding the update, but a new set of trademark filings may reveal possible names for future versions of the company’s desktop operating system including Yosemite, Redwood, Mammoth, California, Big Sur and Pacific.

The new trademarks, which were uncovered by French tech blog Consomac, weren’t actually filed by Apple. The filings are registered by two shell companies called Yosemite Research LLC and Coast Research LLC, which share a direct connection to Cupertino through the lawyers who filed the new applications. The trademarks also include protection for operating systems, all but confirming a connection to Apple.

The trademarks also fit into Apple’s new OS X naming scheme, using locations around California. Not much is known about the upcoming update, presumably numbered OS X 10.10, though recent reports suggest it could introduce a flat design similar to what we saw with the release of iOS 7. It’s likely we’ll learn a bit more about the new operating system at WWDC 2014 in June, though OS X 10.10 may not get an official name until it’s released later in the year.

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