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Facebook Enters the Business of News With FB Newswire

by Brandon Russell | April 24, 2014April 24, 2014 8:00 pm PST


Facebook on Thursday announced a new service it hopes will become your number one resource for news—not just cat videos and vacation photos. The initiative is aimed more at journalists, but for all you aspiring writers out there, the new Newswire project will provide a platform that’ll make finding and sharing newsworthy content that much easier. Of course, everything is done right through Facebook—or, you know, Twitter if that’s more your speed.

FB Newswire is being powered by Storyful, which is designed to help foster and spread the discovery of newsworthy content. This is exactly like traditional news sites that helped get more eyeballs on press releases. The Newswire portal will post photos, videos and status updates for whatever it is that is happening around the world. The social network has setup a page specifically through Facebook, which you can Like, or you can follow the Newswire Twitter account—both promise to be updated in real-time with all the latest and most important news stories.

Social media platforms have moved well past boring status updates and crazy relatives, and Facebook is obviously capitalizing on the business end as a reputable source for information. This also, as is always the case, also another way for Facebook to keep its blossoming monthly users engaged with the platform.


Brandon Russell

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