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Brand New “LEGO” Google Mobile Search UI Leaks Online

by Jacob Kleinman | April 24, 2014April 24, 2014 7:00 pm PST

It looks like Google may be developing an upcoming version of mobile search for Android called “LEGO,” though for now it’s still in development. Android Police spotted a sandbox site where the update could be tested, and even grabbed a quick video of the new user interface in action before Google pulled the link.

LEGO isn’t a huge change from the way mobile search looks now, though it seems Google may introduce some sleek new animations that put its own search-generated info cards front and center. The biggest change is the ability to scroll between the pictures generated inside a card. Moving between tabs is also a little cleaner, though opening images doesn’t appear to be working perfectly just yet.

There’s no guarantee that this LEGO UI will ever be released, though it seems like all that’s standing in the way of a public release is a few pesky bugs. Android Police also notes that LEGO is mentioned a few times in Chromium project data, suggesting it’s already in use by some Google employees. Android is due for an update, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for any more news. Stay tuned.

Android Police

Jacob Kleinman

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