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Apple Tops J.D. Power Smartphone Satisfaction Rankings Again

J.D. Power is back with its latest smartphone satisfaction rankings and once again Apple’s iPhone leads the pack. Across all four major carriers Cupertino reportedly offers the highest customer satisfaction, though it just barely beat out Samsung on every network except Sprint where it won by a larger margin.

The study focuses on four main factors: performance, physical design, features and ease of use, with performance valued slightly more than the rest. Apple scored five out of five on each carrier, followed closely by Samsung. The rest of the results varied from carrier to carrier with HTC and BlackBerry fighting over third place followed by Nokia, LG and Motorola.

According to J.D. Power, factors like performance and design may not be the reason some consumers pick one phone over another. The study claims 21 percent of people say price is the deciding factor, though 35 perfect of consumers still value “features” above all else. The study also covers what features consumers want to see in future smartphones, including better voice control, improved sensors for measuring the environment, facial recognition, and other biometric security.

For now Apple is just holding onto first place when it comes to customer satisfaction, but based on user preferences it looks like the iPhone’s claim to the crown may be in trouble. Budget-friendly pricing has never been Apple’s strong point, and there’s no guarantee the company will be the first to market futuristic sensors and facial recognition technology in its upcoming smartphones.

J.D. Power

Jacob Kleinman

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