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PS Vita Update Grants Support to All PS1 Classics and PSP Games (Updated)

by Ron Duwell | April 23, 2014April 23, 2014 8:30 pm PST

Spyro the Dragon 1

UPDATE: Sorry, guys. Not anymore. Sony realized its error, and the games have all been taken down. No Spyro. No Crash Bandicoot. No R-Type. At least the SEGA Genesis Collection works, but you’ll have to transfer it through the PlayStation 3.

Retro gamers! If you were waiting for a favorite PSOne Classic or PSP game to be playable on your PS Vita, then you might want to check the PlayStation Store. A recent update has granted support to every game that has been available by digital means.

Noteworthy hold outs have been the entire Spyro and Crash Bandicoot series, which just went on sale on the PlayStation Network for a dollar each this past weekend. Hope you had the chance to pick them up for cheap. Now the sale doesn’t seem so out of thin air.

R-Type Delta now has support when it had none before, so I’ll be able to SHMUP on the go. A little game called Metal Gear Solid also especially comes to mind, and of course, a classic RPG favorite called Suikoden, both of which were only available through indirect means of a PlayStation 3 transfer.

Another game retro enthusiasts should check out is the PSP version of Sega Genesis Collectionwhich will allow for 28 classic Genesis games to be available on your PS Vita. Phantasy Star, Vectorman, Shinobi III, Ristar, and Sonic the Hedgehog? Who needs the Virtual Console anymore?

No Shining Force, though, which is kind of a bummer.

Beyond just games, all PSP demos and DLC previously unavailable have been given full support as well. The strange thing is that Sony has yet to announce anything official regarding the update. It just sort of happened, and NeoGAF found it.

No complaints here, just as long as I can carry my retro collection with me wherever I go.


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