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Microsoft Finally Releases Remote Desktop App for Windows Phone

Microsoft already offers iOS and Android apps that let you control your Windows desktop computer from mobile device, but until today Windows Phone owners were inexplicably left in the cold. Now a remote desktop app for Microsoft’s mobile OS is finally available.

The app, which is officially just a preview ahead of the full Microsoft Remote Desktop release, is available for free through the Windows Phone Store. The download requires Windows Phone 8.1, however, which is currently still in beta. It’s still relatively easy to obtain the updated OS running on your current Windows Phone handset, however, but keep in mind that it isn’t the full version and you’ll need to wait a few months before a more bug-free release is pushed out for everyday consumers.

The app itself is pretty straightforward, offering direct access to your PC as long as Remote Desktop is activated on your computer. Microsoft Remote Desktop isn’t as easy to use as simply hopping on your PC, but if you’re on the go and need to access a file from your home computer this is a pretty elegant solution. You can grab the app now via the Windows Phone Store link below.

Jacob Kleinman

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