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Google Goes to Bat For Samsung in Apple Case


Google isn’t leaving Samsung out in the cold in the latest trial between Samsung and Apple and, according to Re/Code, the Mountain View company recently went to bat for Samsung in the trial.

Google lawyer James Maccoun said his firm had agreed to defend some of the patents that are currently under scrutiny. Two such patents, Re/Code explained, cover technology in Android that allows users to search universally for apps and media, and another that provide sync support in the background. Google reportedly agreed to “provide partial or full indemnity,” Samsung be found guilty of infringement, Re/Code explained.

That means the company will pay for potential damages owed to Apple. Samsung’s phones aren’t the only ones that offer universal search and background sync, two functions that are part of Android. Google technically has to defend the parts of Android that are not open source and which OEMs can’t change under their agreements with Google — even if they wanted to. However, Re/Code also explained that Samsung is responsible for its products and the software that operates on them.

The case is still ongoing and Google isn’t technically on the hook for anything yet, but that could change depending on what the jury decides.


Todd Haselton

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