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PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD Free from PlayStation Plus

PixelJunk Monsters

Another week, another free game from Sony to help you survive the weekend. This time, it is diving into PS Vita territory, making me a very happy man knowing that my recent handheld purchase is being lovingly supported by the Instant Game Collection. PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD, Q-Games’ breakthrough tower defense game,¬†will be your free helping this week through PlayStation Plus.

I can’t speak for the game because I haven’t played it yet, but I can speak for a few other games in the PixelJunk series. Both PixelJunk Eden and PixelJunk Shooter were huge reasons why I bought into the PlayStation 3 back when it was first becoming a breeding ground for fun indie games. Q-Games has carried its silky smooth sense of music and minimalist graphics into each and every game it makes,and I’d like to try out the game which gave them legs.

PixelJunk Monsters is the second game in the series and the first to really put in on the map as a quality game developer, following Q-Games’ first underwhelming attempt with PixelJunk Racers. Since then it has been given an HD facelift, ported to PC and handhelds alike, and given an expansion with more levels. I’ve never been huge on the tower defense genre, but if anybody can get me into it, it’s bound to be Q-Games.

We’ll just have to wait and find out.¬†PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD will be free for the PS Vita once the PlayStation Store is updated this week.

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