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Did Apple Trademark iWatch Through a Dummy Corporation?

by Jacob Kleinman | April 22, 2014April 22, 2014 10:45 am PST

iWatch C, Martin Hajek, 014

Apple’s rumored iWatch is the subject of most speculative Apple reports of late, but the Cupertino company still isn’t willing to confirm it’s developing a smartwatch. That hasn’t stopped it from trademarking the iWatch name through a dummy corporation called Brightflash, which French site Consomac traces right back to Apple in a new report.

Brightflash has already filed or requested trademarks for “iWatch” in the U.S., the U.K., Europe, Australia and Denmark. In total, it has filed claims in over 50 jurisdictions across the globe including China, India Cuba and Morocco. Every iWatch registration uses an international classification for jewelry, clocks and watches.

A bit of research done by Consomac reveals Brightflash is registered to a Delaware company Apple has reportedly used in the past to quietly register new trademarks. There’s little evidence to prove a connection between Brightflash and Cupertino, though both companies do reportedly use the same Ecuadorian intellectual property attorney Alejandro Ponce Martinez of Quevedo & Ponce.

There’s more than one explanation for Brightflash’s recent activity. The most likely option is that Apple is using another dummy company to trademark the iWatch without raising too much attention. It’s also possible Brightflash could be working against Apple by staking a claim to the iWatch name ahead of an official announcement. Either way, it looks like the rumored smartwatch may not be so far away.

Consomac Apple Insider

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