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Capcom Reportedly Announcing a “Major Game” for PS4 at E3

by Ron Duwell | April 22, 2014April 22, 2014 6:00 am PST


I’d understand if you thought Capcom was down for the count, but don’t toss the company aside just yet. Reports from the Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun say that the company has a “major game” in the works for the PlayStation 4, and Capcom is planning to reveal it at E3 this year.

I know what we are all thinking, so I’ll just say it now: Resident Evil 7 is on the way, and Sankei Shimbun speculates that this is such.

What style of Resident Evil Capcom is going to be showing off will determine my excitement levels. The over-budgeted and overreaching Resident Evil 6 and most other spin-offs over the years have left many fans wondering how much longer they will support Capcom’s seminal zombie series, but a few gems like Resident Evil: Revelations HD proved the franchise still has legs if left in the right hands.

Regardless, Capcom needs a hit to prove it can still hang with the big boys, so there really is no other option for what series it needs to do so with. I highly doubt it will remain a PlayStation 4 exclusive for long considering how greatly Capcom has improved at PC ports over the years.

Besides Resident Evil 7, other fingers point to the localization of Capcom’s free-to-play dungeon crawler deep down, which has all but fallen from our radar over the months. If I remember correctly, I walked away from Tokyo Game Show 2013 thinking it was a solid game, and at this point, I would rather play it again rather than another Resident Evil game or taking a third stab at Dark Souls II.

How about it? Have you gotten over the sting of Resident Evil 6 and are ready to go for another round with Capcom’s zombie series? Or have you moved on by this point and would rather just play deep down?


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