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Amazon Smartphone 3D Screen and Gestures Detailed

by Todd Haselton | April 22, 2014April 22, 2014 9:00 am PST

Amazon Kindle Phone - On Grey

Photos of Amazon’s smartphone were leaked on April 15 and now a new report tells us a bit more about what the device will offer. As we originally saw, the Amazon smartphone appears to be outfitted with several cameras all around the display. That suggests it will take advantage of gesture controls, which might mean you won’t always have to have your phone in your hand just to interact with it.

According to BGR, you’ll be able to tilt the phone back and forth, taking advantage of its 3D display and gestures in some form, to view more information about what’s on the screen. The site already discussed one area where that could be possible, like if you’re trying to rotate a 3D image of a product from Amazon’s site before buying it.

However, apparently you can tilt the phone to view more information about calendar events, too, or to view information in third-party apps, like ratings on Yelp. Much of what BGR describes, however: the tilting of the display to show additional information, can be achieved with the 3D display and without the need for the external cameras. The gestures may come into play for controlling the device when information is already presented on the screen. Also, the report says you may be able to navigate menus or websites by tilting the phone in a specific directions.

Amazon’s smartphone isn’t expected to ship until September, but may be announced sometime this summer.

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