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Nexus 8 From HTC Rumored to Launch this Summer

by Jacob Kleinman | April 21, 2014April 21, 2014 9:30 am PST


A new report from DigiTimes claims Google and HTC are collaborating on a new 8-inch Nexus tablet set to launch in Q3 2014. We’ve heard similar rumors in the past, and this likely won’t be the last time. Today’s report adds a bit more insight into Google’s decision to switch to HTC after tapping Asus to manufacture its last two tablets.

The Nexus 8 will reportedly feature a new design, which helps explain why Google would partner with HTC over Asus. DigiTimes also notes that Asus is more interested in pushing its own tablets than developing for the Nexus series. Finally, the report claims Google initially approached HTC to work on the original Nexus 7, but the Taiwanese company declined the offer at the time to focus on its own struggling smartphone business.

DigiTimes and its supply chain sources don’t exactly have the best track record for providing accurate leaks, but if there’s any truth here it could help explain Google’s Nexus tablet strategy over the past few years. The site also claims the Nexus 8 could be the company’s final tablet, though we think Google might rethink its strategy if the 8-inch stock Android slate turns out to be a hit.


Jacob Kleinman

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