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Want a Lightsaber in Disney Infinity? Drop $500 for All of the Figures

by Joey Davidson | April 21, 2014April 21, 2014 3:00 pm PST

Disney elected to create a special Easter Egg for buying and using every single one of the figures in Disney Infinity. Aside from the actual in-game content they each unlock, dropping some serious scratch and giving up a few feet of shelf space to host a collection of toys will earn you a lightsaber.

This is Disney making good on that Star Wars purchase with a Disney classics mash-up.

YouTube channel NerdFlip posted a quick video showing what happens when you collect and use all the toys. You can see that at the head of this post. You’ll also see Mickey Mouse wielding Luke’s green lightsaber, and that is making my nerd-dar go absolutely bonkers.

Lightsaber in Disney Infinity

So, what’s it cost to get this done? NerdFlip suggests that dropping around $500 for all of the figurines is the way to make this possible. Or, you can go halfsies with another one of your nerd friends and spend the weekend plugging people into your dock in order to get two lightsabers for the price of one.

The most expensive weapon in all the galaxy? It’s probably up there.


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