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Google Targets iPhone Users With Latest Google Glass Update

by Jacob Kleinman | April 21, 2014April 21, 2014 7:00 pm PST


Google Glass received another software update on Monday, finally adding support to display iPhone text messages in its tiny display. The decision follows “popular demand” from Glass Explorers, but still comes with some limitations due to incompatibilities between Google’s headset and Apple’s mobile software.

To see iPhone texts through Google Glass, head into your phone’s Bluetooth settings menu and switch on “Show Notifications” for Glass. From now on you should see all incoming messages show up on Google Glass, though you can’t actually respond to a new text without grabbing your phone. This slight update probably won’t be enough to convince any iPhone users to buy Google Glass, though it could mark the start of a push towards offering even more support for iPhone owners.

Google is also introducing a new Calendar Glassware that places a calendar to the left of your Google Glass homescreen. You can easily edit the title, time, location and RSVP status for individual events or delete them entirely. Again, it’s a small update but one that could make a big difference for current Google Glass users.

Google says both changes should roll out over the next few days, meaning if the new update actually is enough to sway your opinion you may just have enough time to wrangle a Google Glass invitation and order the wearable device for yourself.


Jacob Kleinman

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