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OnePlus One Handset Finally Shows Up in Leaked Images

by Sean P. Aune | April 20, 2014April 20, 2014 9:00 am PST

OnePlus has been teasing its upcoming OnePlus One for some time now, but the one thing it hasn’t shown us is the actual phone. Thanks to some recently leaked images we finally have a better idea of what to expect.

Yesterday we saw some images of the OnePlus One software, but also lurking on the Web were some images of the actual handset as well. From the appearance of the images – which we must admit while looking legit could still be fake –  it would appear these are photos that will be used on the site after the device is announced this week, and while not everything is spelled out, we do finally know the dimensions it would seem (152.9 x 72.9 x 8.9mm) and we can see that the red we’ve seen dominant the company’s site will also show up through out the phone in its accessories and battery.

Also shown if in the leaked images are the StyleSwap covers which will let you change the look of the phone on the fly.

There’s no information on the internals of the device, but over the course of the past few months we’ve already learned the OnePlus One will sport 3GB of RAM, a 2.5GHz processor and retail for under $400.

The OnePlus One is scheduled to be announced this week on April 23 and we’ll be bringing you all of the details as they hit.

Sean P. Aune

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