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Beats Music Update Adds In-App Purchases, Improves Free Option

by Brandon Russell | April 19, 2014April 19, 2014 2:00 pm PST


Beats Music this week caved and received an important update. In addition to improving its free tier, the music service introduced subscription sign-ups, meaning Apple will get its 30-percent cut of the proceedings straight from Beats. The app initially skirted Apple’s policies by partnering with carriers, but the in-app purchasing method now makes it easier for customers to sign up for a monthly on-demand plan.

It’s unclear how well Beats Music, a music streaming service under Beats audio announced this year, has been doing by going the carrier route. The new in-app purchase update, however, could tell us all we need to know. Either way, it’s great to se in-app purchases happen, especially because it allows users to more easily sign up. Those not convinced by the service, however, can enjoy thousands of new songs on the improved free tier. There’s also a new “artists offers” section, where users can easily discover new content and merchandise from specific artists.

Additionally, improvements have been made to the music player, offline mode, and you you can also find and follow your Facebook friends through right from the mobile service.


Brandon Russell

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