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Sonos Speaker Systems Will Soon Be Truly Wireless

by Jacob Kleinman | April 18, 2014April 18, 2014 2:00 am PST

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The promise of Sonos is a system of wirelessly connected speakers you can scatter throughout your house to create the ultimate home sound system. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t quite lived up to that promise just yet. For now you still need to plug one of your speakers directly into your router or buy a special Bridge for $50 to set up the network, but Sonos says it has found the solution to make your wireless speaker system truly wireless with a new software patch.

Once the new software update rolls out, you’ll be able to set up your Sonos speaker system by simply logging in on your smartphone and typing in your Wi-Fi password. The company adds that multiple Sonos speakers should still sync up perfectly when you’re listening to music. “This new software solution will make Sonos simpler than ever,” the company promises.

There are a few exceptions though. If you don’t have a great Wi-Fi signal it may still be worth plugging one speaker directly into your router or paying for the Sonos bridge. Also, if you have a large home, the new Wi-Fi-only solution may not be able to connect speakers that are out of range.

Before the new update receives an official roll-out Sonos is running a rigorous Beta program to make sure it works. “We are conducting the most thorough and extensive real-world testing of this new software functionality that we’ve ever undertaken,” the company said. If you want to join the Beta program you can fill out an application by hitting the source link below.

Sonos says it will have more information on the update within the next few weeks.

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