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King Resolves Its Trademark Issues With The Banner Saga Developers

by Ron Duwell | April 18, 2014April 18, 2014 5:30 pm PST

The Banner Saga - Your Saga Starts Now

Candy Crush Saga developer King and The Banner Saga developer Stoic have settled a controversial trademark dispute in which King attempted to block Stoic’s use of the word “saga.” King believed that using the word would imply confusion between the two brands despite neither game resembling each other in the least.

Stoic updated its official website addressing the complication and saying that all of the issues have been resolved.

Stoic is pleased to have come to an agreement with King regarding Stoic’s The Banner Saga trademark, which enables both parties to protect their respective trademarks now and in the future.

King had taken a lot of fire for its attempts to trademark the word “candy,” but criticisms poured in even heavier when it blocked Stoic’s use of the word “saga.” No doubt the company has seen that the negative PR wasn’t doing them any good, especially after a tough IPO, and just wanted to clear the air. It had said it wasn’t targeting Stoic, but I suppose these actions speak louder than words.

A little more on the dubious side was its issues with CandySwipe, an indie game from Albert Ransom which actually does resemble King’s main product, Candy Crush Saga. Shortly after the controversy erupted, Random was critical of King’s decisions, but now he too claims that everything has been settled on his own website.

“I am happy to announce that I have amicably resolved my dispute with King over my CandySwipe trademark and that I am withdrawing my opposition to their mark and they are withdrawing their counterclaim against mine.

I have learned that they picked the Candy Cursh name before I released my game and that they were never trying to take my game away. Both our games can continue to coexist without confusing players.”

King has already withdrawn its application for the word “Candy” in America, but it faces a lawsuit in the European Union from Cut the Rope developer ZeptoLab over its trademark there.

Who knows when we will see the end of this… saga.

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