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Google to Host $100k Project Ara Developer Challenge

by Todd Haselton | April 18, 2014April 18, 2014 10:30 am PST


Google’s Project Ara is still considered a moonshot — one that has a small percentage of success — but it certainly has garnered the interest of tech geeks and developers around the world. Now, in an effort to attract even more developers, Google is apparently gearing up to offer a developer challenge worth as much as $100,000.

Google hasn’t revealed the details for the challenge just yet; instead, we’ll have to wait until sometime next month to hear what sort of criteria the company is looking for. Tech News World learned about the two grand prizes, however. “The top two runners-up will get all-expenses paid trips for two or three people to the next Ara devcon — there will be a few more held this year — and guaranteed hardware for the project,” the news outlet said, citing information from the head of Project Ara Paul Eremenko.

Presumably, Google will be looking for new ideas for modular computing and the software that helps power such platforms. Even Android doesn’t properly support Project Ara just yet, though it is expected to by the time Ara is released to consumers in January of next year.

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