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Yahoo Wants To Become Apple’s Default Search In iOS

by Brandon Russell | April 16, 2014April 16, 2014 4:00 pm PST


In addition to potentially creating a big competitor to YouTube, Marissa Mayer’s next big conquest might be convincing Apple to ditch Google. The iPhone maker currently uses Google—the number one website on the Internet—as its default search engine. But Mayer wants Apple to change that by using Yahoo as the default instead. Google reportedly pays Apple an annual sum of $1 billion to remain the default engine, so can Mayer match or beat those terms?

Apple and Yahoo already play well together in the iOS ecosystem, with Flickr integration and other services (weather and stocks) powered by the online conglomerate. Insiders speaking with Re/code say Mayer will use their solid working relationship to her advantage, and attempt to convince Apple to bestow the honor to Yahoo going forward. Mayer reportedly has a whole presentation ready, with detailed decks and mockups of what the mobile search experience will look like.

Mayer has already reached out to some high-ranking Apple executives, including SVP of design, Jony Ive. One source close with Yahoo’s plans told Re/code that Mayer wants the change to happen “very badly,” and is willing to bend over backwards for the coveted number one spot in Apple’s ecosystem. However, another source told Re/code that it’ll take a lot more than “pretty pictures” to convince Apple, which puts a precedent on consumer experience. That could be a huge problem, too, because Yahoo apparently doesn’t have the technology necessary to ensure a smooth transition, according to sources.

Apple has slowly purged Google services from iOS, with both YouTube and Google Maps getting the axe over the past few years. If Yahoo can prove to Apple that it will benefit from a switch, a possible deal could be signed. It seems Apple is currently in a precarious situation; not only is it paid to make Google the default search, but it’s also responsible for sending Google billions of dollars because of searches performed through iOS devices.

Mayer reportedly has some lofty goals on the table for 2014, but a lot of work still needs to be done. Would you notice and/or care if Yahoo was the default search on iOS? It might be if Mayer has her way.


Brandon Russell

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