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Heart Forth, Alicia is a Gorgeous Metroidvania Looking for Kickstarter Funding

by Ron Duwell | April 16, 2014April 16, 2014 5:30 pm PST

Heart Forth, Alicia (2)

Not even a day after I proudly declared myself free from Kickstarter do I find myself succumbing to fund something amazing. No, I still haven’t received a single game that I pledged money to, but I can’t help myself with this one.

Heart Forth, Alicia doesn’t look too different from most of the Kickstarter platformers out there. Pixelated graphics? Check! Metroidvania? Check! RPG elements? Check!

We’ve seen plenty of these games emerge over the last few years, but there is an extra special quality to this one that is hard to put our fingers on. The animation and aesthetic are downright superb, and solo designer Alonso Martin has really carved himself up an interesting story and beautiful world for the game to unfold in.

Most importantly though, Heart Fort, Alicia has already been in development for quite some time. Martin already has the mechanics in place and the game essentially programmed, but the Kickstarter is just meant to bring a few more people aboard to help him wrap up development sooner than later. It’s the FTL: Faster The Light method of crowd-funding, merely finishing off a game rather than asking for money to totally develop one.

His goal is having the game released by May 2015.

Martin amassed $44,000 after a single day, and his goal of $60,000 has already shattered well before the campaign’s end. No mention of stretch goals as of writing, but with the game already so deep into development, my guess is that extra money will be put towards porting it to consoles and handhelds. This is exactly the kind of game that Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are jumping on these days, and I would love to play this on my Vita.

Heart Forth, Alicia (4)

As of right now, only a PC version is in development, but judging by the inspirations that Martin has channeled, Super Metroid, Ocarina of Time, and Symphony of the Night, my guess too is that he is a console gamer. He wants his creation to be played on a console as well.

Be sure to check out Heart Forth, Alicia if you love platformers, and you are dying for a trip back to 90s video games.


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