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Google: No More Glass Explorer Spots Available For Now

by Brandon Russell | April 16, 2014April 16, 2014 12:45 pm PST

google glass v2 with earpiece 1

Did you seize the opportunity to buy Google Glass on Tuesday? For the first time in two years, Google let anyone in the U.S. purchase the company’s conspicuous face smartphone—not that it was hard to get in the first place if you used any of Google’s services. Given all the negative press Glass has received over the past several months, this was a clear attempt by Google to spread the Glass gospel. To make it a gadget by and for the people—not something to fear. And by all accounts the move was successful, and Google’s Glass page on Wednesday said spots in its Glass Explorer Program are no longer available. That does not mean, however, that units sold out.

Google’s plan all along was to keep enrollment open for a single day, so of course no more spots are available. But you can still sign up, and Google says that the search giant will have “more to share soon.” Maybe in the next few weeks, or maybe at I/O. The company is probably assessing data from yesterday, and will decide how to move on from there. Even despite the beta technology going for an asking price of $1,500, early reports showed that demand was high.

The true potential of Glass has by no means been fulfilled, but people are clearly excited about Google’s wearable future. For now, however, Glass as an idea sounds a lot better than the actual $1,500 execution.


Brandon Russell

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