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Chrome Remote Desktop App Now Available on Android for Remote Computer Access

Google on Wednesday officially released its Remote Desktop app for Android devices. While an APK for Google’s rumored Chromoting app leaked earlier in the day the complete app is now officially available on the Google play store. The new application lets you access your computer remotely from an Android device, provided your computer has Chrome Remote Desktop installed and running first.

The new app essentially turns your mobile device into a desktop screen, giving you full control over your computer when you’re away from home. You can even register multiple computers to the app and jump back and forth on your smartphone or tablet. If you already have Chrome Remote Desktop set up on your computer browser it won’t take much work to set up Chromoting. Download the new app, enable remote access on your computer, choose a 6-digit pin number, and you should be good to go.

Hit the source link below to download the file and start Chromoting today.

Google Play

Jacob Kleinman

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