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Google Glass KitKat Upgrade Includes New Features

For today only Google will let anyone with $1,500 order their own copy of Google Glass, and just in time for its big sales push the wearable device is getting the upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat. Along with general performance improvements, Google says the update will increase battery life and bring a ton of new features.

Responding to user requests, Google Glass is receiving photo bundles as a way to automatically organize pictures and videos into small groups based on when they were recorded. You’ll also gain the ability to send photos inside a Google Hangout, either by snapping a picture to show what you’re doing or simply grabbing a photo off Google Glass from earlier. Finally, Google is making it easier to sort through various voice commands and send feedback to the company.

Along with all its new capabilities, Google Glass is losing one feature with the upgrade to KitKat that may disappoint a small number of users. Google is removing video calls from the device after learning that fewer than 10 percent of Glass Explorers use the feature. It’s possible video calls will return in the future, though for now Google says it’s more interested in video streaming services.

Google adds there are even more features packed into the KitKat update, though the company expects its Glass Explorers to uncover the rest. If you want to get in on the action you can pick up Google Glass today for $1,500, though we expect the device will hit the mass market later this year at a more affordable price point.

Jacob Kleinman

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