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Anyone in the U.S. Can Buy Google Glass Today

by Todd Haselton | April 15, 2014April 15, 2014 7:30 am PST


If you live in the United States today stands for two things: it’s Tax Day, and it’s also the day that anyone here can purchase Google Glass. No, this isn’t quite the full-on consumer release. Instead, it’s basically an open invitation to cough up $1,500 and join the other Google Glass Explorers who have been using the headset for the past couple of years.

Google has been opening up its Glass program to more potential buyers slowly but surely. Most recently, it had an offer that allowed consumers who subscribed to its Google Play All Access Music program to purchase a pair. Presumably, most of the people buying Google Glass are either developers or gadget-loving early adopters, especially since it’s still very much a beta product. That said, the company has made several strides to cater to all types of people, and most recently announced the Titanium Edition with new shades, support for prescription glasses and new frames.

Google also recently announced a partnership with Ray-Ban and Oakley, however, two companies that might help the firm create a fashionable consumer-focused device. The cost will likely need to come down drastically to attract the mass consumer market, however. To get started, hit the source link below, where you’ll be able to select your frames, shades, color and more.


Todd Haselton

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