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Mercenary Kings Headed to the PS Vita with Cross-Buy Support

by Ron Duwell | April 14, 2014April 14, 2014 8:30 pm PST

Tribute Games’ “Borderlands meets Metal Slug” indie game Mercenary Kings will be getting another release on the PS Vita. The studio confirmed with Destructoid at PAX East this weekend that its popular hit would follow in the footsteps of its PlayStation 4 release and see a Cross-Buy option which will make the purchase available on both platforms.

Mercenary Kings is also available on PCs.

To join it, Tribute Games also announced it was working on an expanded Vita port of the freemium game Ninja Senki DX, and it also teased its own new original PS Vita game Curses n’ Chaos, which Destructoid describes as “an old school wave based beat ’em.”

Tribute Games was already pretty tight with Sony after giving them exclusive console rights to Mercenary Kings. Now with the PS Vita aboard, the little device is becoming the option of choice for those looking to play indie games on the go. I can’t wait to play Mercenary Kings from the palm of my hand, and console and handheld inter-connectivity has never seemed better.

Grab Mercenary Kings now on the PS4 for free if you’re a PS Plus member.


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